(Player- School- Level of Competition)

Carlos Rodriguez (DRAFTED BY MILWAUKEE BREWERS | 6TH Rd, Pick #177 | SIGNED)
Alex Ayala (DRAFTED BY TAMPA BAY RAYS | 9TH Rd, Pick #281 | SIGNED)
Marc Davis- University of South Florida- NCAA D1 (DRAFTED BY WASHINGTON NATIONALS | 11TH Rd, Pick #323 | SIGNED)
Antonio Knowles- University of Florida- NCAA D1 (DRAFTED BY LOS ANGELES DODGERS | 13TH Rd, Pick #402 | SIGNED)
Luis Tuero- University of Arizona- NCAA D1
Carter Cunningham- East Carolina University- NCAA D1
Warnner Rincones- University of Louisiana-Lafayette- NCAA D1
Robert Wegielnik- Florida Atlantic University- NCAA D1
Christian Lucio- Marshall University- NCAA D1
Daniel Vos- Erskine College- NCAA D2
Jordon Campbell- Point Park University- NAIA
Jared Campbell- Point Park University- NAIA
Brendan Koester- Indiana University Southeast- NAIA
Daniel Maldonado- University of the Cumberlands- NAIA
Matt Whitney- McPherson College- NAIA


(Player- School- Level of Competition)

Marc Davis- University of Pittsburgh- NCAA D1
Drake Dobyanski- University of South Alabama- NCAA D1
Tommy Joseph- Jacksonville University- NCAA D1
Mason Adams- Jacksonville University- NCAA D1
Cameran Brantley- North Carolina A&T University- NCAA D1
Tyler Fote- Central Connecticut State University- NCAA D1
Ty Burton- Radford University- NCAA D1
Connor Bagnieski- Radford University- NCAA D1
Warner Rinconnes- Eckerd College- NCAA D2
Jose Marcano- Southeastern University- NAIA
Danny Galvan- Keiser University- NAIA


(Player - School - Level of Competition)
Josh McAllister- University of Georgia- NCAA D1

Mikey Burke- Wichita State University- NCAA D1

Nate Kinsch- Univeristy of North Carolina-Charlotte- NCAA D1

Mitch Myers- University of Pittsburgh- NCAA D1

Joey Mugavero- Florida Atlantic University- NCAA D1

Nate Madej- University of South Alabama- NCAA D1

Shamir Morales- Bethune Cookman University- NCAA D1

Thomas Haggerty- Florida Atlantic University- NCAA D1

Rafael Santos- University of North Florida- NCAA D1

Ryan Gusto- Western Kentucky University- NCAA D1 (DRAFTED BY HOUSTON ASTROS | 11TH Rd, Pick #346 | SIGNED)

Tyler Solomon- College of William & Mary- NCAA D1


(Player - School - Level of Competition)
Lane Bullock - Sterling College - NAIA
Gus Carter - Florida Gulf Coast University - NCAA D1
Gus Cunningham - University of Montevallo - NCAA D2
Fernando Colon - Jackson State University - NCAA D1
Phillip Felicien - Bethune-Cookman - NCAA D1
Sam Freitas - University of Tampa - NCAA D2
Santino Miozzi - University of Florida - NCAA D1
Andrew Puglielli - Virginia Commonwealth University - NCAA D1
Carter Smith - Florida State University - NCAA D1
Vince Vannelle - University of Arizona - NCAA D1


(Player - School - Level of Competition)
Davie Inman - Coastal Carolina University - NCAA D1
Enrique Ferrer - Georgia State University - NCAA D1
JD Dutka - University of South Florida - NCAA D1
John O'Connor - Liberty University - NCAA D1
Thomas Pipolo - University of Massachusetts - NCAA D1
Walfrank Pineiro - North Carolina A&T University - NCAA D1
Jordan Pinto - Bethune-Cookman University - NCAA D1
Kyle Arjona - University of New Orleans - NCAA D1
Ian Kimbrell - University of North Georgia - NCAA D2
Jonathan Cosme - University of Mount Olive - NCAA D2
Thomas Reddin - Augusta University - NCAA D2
Brandon Presley - Nova Southeastern University - NCAA D2 (DRAFTED BY MILWAUKEE BREWERS | 22nd Rd, Pick #654 | SIGNED)
Jesus Palacios - Reinhardt University - NAIA
Jett Swetland - Southeastern University - NAIA


(Player - School - Level of Competition)
Willie Rios - University of Miami - NCAA D1 (DRAFTED BY BALTIMORE ORIOLES | 16th Rd, Pick #481 | SIGNED)
Hayden Platt - Elon University - NCAA D1
Jack Piekos - Eastern Kentucky University - NCAA D1
Max Ford - Eastern Kentucky University - NCAA D1